Deane (Beesley) Christiansen is a self taught artist, illustrator, designer and painter living in beautiful Alberta, Canada.

Her creative story started early as a child. She grew up surrounded by creative influences, mainly her Mom and Gramma. They taught her how to sew, crochet, paint and draw (especially in her mom’s cookbooks!). She loved learning everything. In her early 20’s, she took a part time job at a quilt store, and that’s when she became hooked on quilting. Deane has spent nearly 25 years now in the sewing and quilting industry. Owning and operating a quilt shop is where her love for the fabric turned into a passion to create the artwork for it.

It was only few years ago, when she took a leap of faith and sold her quilt shop, and immersed herself into becoming a full time artist. That has since spun me into a world of licensing her artwork across a multitude of products (including fabric) and to open her own print studio.

Her style is unique, modernized and vintage with a whimsical twist. Deane's collections and artwork are colorful, trendy, current and full of delightful critters and hand drawn lettering. Every piece she makes is created from the heart in the hopes of making you smile :)



Alicia was lucky to have some creative ladies in her life while growing up who instilled in her a love for painting, sewing, and all things crafty and hand-made. She earned her MFA in Illustration as Visual Essay at the School of Visual Arts and her BFA from the Maryland Institute College of Art. Beyond making art, she always enjoys a fierce game of backgammon or scrabble and has two dogs who can usually be found glued to her side.


Click here to visit: Deane Beesley Website


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