Emma is a passionate surface designer who hails from El Salvador in Central America! After graduating design school in her hometown of San Salvador, she worked in advertising, apparel, and home decor industries. Along her journey, she discovered her true passion in a subject unknown in her country, Surface Pattern Design! After much research and development, she mustered up the courage to travel the world to exhibit at trade shows. She has since flourished  and unique to Emma, she possesses a rare talent of being able to produce a wide range of desirable design styles!  Her portfolio spans from novelty to textile designs. One special highlight she loves to share is when she had the opportunity to see her signature kaleidoscope design style featured on the runway during Fashion Week NY on men’s swimwear!  Now back to her roots and country regarding this unknown industry, she was so excited about it she had to share it.  "I am the very first Salvadoran to do this and introduced the Surface Design industry to my country. I now teach and talk about this wonderful world to young design students".







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