The Pop Culture World of Pets Rock® – Where Pets meet Celebrity

Launched in 2008, Polyblank Designs Ltd award winning brand Pets Rock® is a striking play on our enduring fascination with pets and the cult of celebrity.The brainchild of London based photography and design partnership Polyblank Designs Ltd’s Pets Rock® brand is taking its name literally as its unique humour and style spreads around the globe.The Pets Rock® phenomenon has spread from it’s London base to a global network of licensees and retailers who’s customers are barking mad for our furry friends.
With over 80 characters in the Pets Rock® world and many more waiting to be let off the leash you’re never far from one of our pop culture pets. 


Designers Kate and Mark Polyblank set up their original company Takkoda in 2005 with a range of anthropomorphic characters. We applied these characters to a range of kids T-shirts and later a wider range of products. Our first customer was the British landmark store ‘Harrods’.Our designs combine photography and digital artwork. 

Our interest in pop culture and the global celebrity phenomenon combined with our fascination with pets and the old adage that ‘People look like their pets’ led us to the creation of images that brought this saying to life and thus Pets Rock® was born.

Our characters are created by photographing pets, we then draw every other part of the image. That’s everything else - hair, clothes, make-up, props. It’s all drawn from scratch to create a unique work of art.