I can't remember a time when I wasn't drawing or creating some form of art, and I credit my family for both the artistic ability I inherited and the creative encouragement they provided from such a young age. My BFA is in Graphic Design, but my first love is drawing and all my ideas start out as sketches before they are translated onto the computer. I'm drawn to happy, pretty things and I think that is reflected in my work, whether its whimsical children's illustrations or more decorative pattern work.

One of the greatest joys of designing fabric is seeing my work take on a second life when someone else creates something totally new out of it. Its like getting to collaborate with a whole host of creatives I've never met!


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Flower Shop - Blossom
Flower Shop - Sprout
from Project Dovetail
Main Street
Bake Shop- Sugar
Bake Shop- Spice
Into the Deep - Laguna
Into the Deep - Tropical