Easter in Gnomeville September 2015 Release
Nightmare in Gnomeville
Christmas at Brambleberry Ridge by Violet Craft December 2015 Release
New Color Me PrintsSeptember 2015 Release - Shipping October 1st
Wee SparkleSeptember 2015 Release
Sea Holly - Sarah Campbell - lilac
Sea Holly - Sarah Campbell - retro
Arrow FlightSeptember 2015 Release
Suzette - Azure
Suzette - Ocean
Suzette - Slate
Show Your Skin on FlannelSeptember 2015 Release
Baby Zoo on FlannelSeptember 2015 Release
Into the Deep - Lagoon by PATTY SLONIGERSeptember 2015 Release
Into the Deep - Tropical - by Tamara Kate
Solid Bubble Gauze September 2015 Release
Sommer - Sarah Jane on Bubble GauzeSeptember 2015 Release